Gail Futcher

McTimoney Therapy Practitioner & Remedial Masseur

ph: 0450 212 725

About McTimoney Therapy

McTimoney Therapy is a gentle yet highly effective whole body treatment. Though new to Australia this much loved method of adjustment has been practiced for over 30 years in the U.K.  This distinctive technique offers an alternative to many forms of Chiropractic and Osteopathy.  The adjustments are highly specific using a very fast but low force approach, with no twisting maneuvers on the neck or body which helps this to be comfortable and pain free to receive.

Why McTimoney Therapy?
McTimoney Therapy can help:
– Structurally, to align the body where for example there has been trauma or an unbalanced posture has undermined the natural balance of the body.
– The nerve supply, where it is trapped or impinged through trauma, work positions, degenerative conditions etc.
– Preventatively – to keep healthy! – Many people enjoy a routine check up to maintain a healthy alignment affected by day-to-day living, or to keep an underlying weakness stable.   This can be invaluable during pregnancy too.

Some examples of the obvious things McTimoney Therapy can help improve:
– Back, neck and shoulder pain. Arthritis, pain, discomfort and stiffness in joints and bones
– Migraine and Headaches. Sciatica and other trapped nerves. Repetitive strain injury
– Whiplash, and following a fall or road traffic accident; trauma. Sports injuries

Your Practitioner – Gail Futcher
I have been in practice for 19 years in the U.K., then Australia. I qualified as a Sports injury masseur in ‘95, and as a McTimoney practitioner in ’96, and use the massage to complement the alignment work.  I have also studied cranial sacral techniques, a gentle component which can be very helpful, particularly for example with babies.

I am happy to have a chat to see if this might help you – please call to arrange this – with no obligation.

I will be working at Urban Nature on Thursday evenings, and one Saturday a month.  I am at the Pendle Clinic at other times.

Remedial & Pregnancy Massage
I have practiced massage for 20 years, either on its own or with the McTimoney technique, using oils to relax muscle tension and to help identify problem areas.

Massage can be used in a number of ways, for example to relieve tension from stress, to help recover from muscle injuries or strains, or to induce a general feeling of well being.

It can be helpful when you are going through a period of change, such as training for a sporting event, getting fit – or having a baby; getting your body in shape for the demands to come.

Stress tension might be from the challenges you are currently dealing with.  These can develop from a busy job, sitting for long periods at a desk/computer station, or the effect life changes can have on the body.

Many tasks we perform would be fine if we only didn’t have to do them for hours at a time.  Injuries such as RSI or just noticeably tight muscles can develop simply over time from the jobs and activities we do.

Injuries that affect the muscles may help to resolve more quickly with massage; or in fact it can help to reduce the chance of these developing in the first place.  Massage can be very helpful through pregnancy or for new mums.

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Diploma McTimoney Therapy.  Diploma Sports massage London School of Sports Massage


McTimoney First consultation and treatment $120 – Subsequent treatments $70
Remedial Massage Fees: 1hr treatment bodywork $105