Chris Mehl

ph: 0414 357 786

My calm consistent manner will allow you to attain a level of comfort and reassurance that facilitates the counselling process. You will feel safe and supported.

I also have significant “real-world” experience which provides me with a grounded world view to bring to the counselling relationship. This helps not only in understanding what it is to be you, but also in in terms of therapeutic aims. Counselling and Psychotherapy are grounded in serious academic work, but my ability to bridge the gap between the academic and the practical will give you the greatest benefit with the least difficulty, and is a hallmark of my practice.

I look forward to meeting you, and to engage with you for change.

About the Counselling
I am a Humanistic counsellor and psychotherapist, operating in a largely Narrative manner.
The therapy space is a non-judgmental, trust-based, positive and honest place to grow and to develop. You will be heard and respected.

What is Narrative Therapy?
Narrative therapy is a respectful and non-judgemental method of therapy that assumes you are the ultimate expert in your life.

Narrative therapy firmly asserts that you are not defined by your problem. You and I together will seek to separate you from your presenting difficulties to assist you to explore a new way to be.

Through a collaborative exploration of the “narrative” and patterns of your life, we seek to identify, and to understand your story.

We identify those branches or patterns that we seek to “thin out” and those that we seek to nurture, or “thicken.”

An entirely new way of being can be developed. It’s like going into the studio after a successful debut album that has served you well for years – and now it’s time for the second album.

I stand by you through that change as together we explore a new way for you to be, without sacrificing core values that we identify to nurture and develop.

Your unique individual nature and how that fits in to society as a whole is also focussed on. This sociological influence recognises the particular role of society’s rules as we explore what it is to be female or male in contemporary society and what that means for you. This avenue of therapy is of particular relevance to members of the GLBTI community.

Business and workplace coaching is also available in the Understanding Leadership Coaching program for those seeking to enhance their experience in the workplace, to gain career-driving insight, or to consolidate a professional position.

Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor of Arts Degree – Psychology Major, The University of Sydney,
Masters Degree – Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy, Jansen Newman Institute Sydney,
Counselling and Psychotherapists Association of NSW (CAPA)