Cathy Hartigan

Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Relaxation & Pregnancy Massage, Infant Massage Classes
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Cathy is a Herbalist and Remedial Massage Therapist with over 15years dedication to her field. Her clinical focus is on stress related illness, mood and anxiety and women’s health. Cathy supports clients through the therapeutic process with education and recommendations for change. Herbal Medicines are prescribed to facilitate the body’s capacity to restore health. Cathy also owns and Manages Urban Nature Integrative Health and Wellbeing.

Herbal Medicine
This plant based medicine utilises a range of natural therapies to facilitate the body’s own capacity to restore health on both a physical and emotional level.

A consultation with Cathy consists of looking at your body’s systems to gather a symptom picture for Naturopathic Diagnosis and to uncover the underlying causes of illness. Cathy will then prescribe Medicinal Herbs, Nutritional Supplements along with dietary recommendations and nutritional advice, to support and encourage you through the healing process.

Iridology can be used during the consultation to facilitate diagnosis.

Iridology is the observation of health as reflected in your iris. Cathy uses Iridology during Naturopathic consultations as a diagnostic tool to help assess overall health and facilitate other forms of diagnosis.

Patterns in the iris can reveal your body’s strengths and weaknesses, inherited constitutions and areas of current and potential toxic accumulations. Iridology can aid in the formulation of your Naturopathic treatment plan as well as preventative natural health care.

Please let Cathy know of any medications or supplements that you are taking, as well as recent test results, to allow appropriate prescription of Herbal Medicines.

Relaxation Massage
Therapeutic relaxation. A massage with Cathy can provide you with a peaceful time to unwind from the hectic pace of life, allowing you to let go and find tranquillity.

Therapeutic massage can help to release painful tense muscles, by increasing circulation and enhancing nutrient and oxygen delivery to the muscles.

Cathy blends pure aromatherapy oils for your massage promoting a restorative effect on a mental, emotional and physical level as well as enhancing relaxation leaving you feeling uplifted and relaxed.

Massage is an easy and effective way of decreasing stress and can be incorporated into any health care regime.

Pregnancy Massage
A nurturing massage aimed at inducing relaxation, relieving tired strained and cramping muscles, as well as helping to ease fluid retention. A selection of gentle and blissful essential oils can be used to promote deep calm and relaxation.

BA(Psychology), Dip Botanical Medicine, Dip Remedial Massage, Cert Iridology Certified Infant Massage Instructor, CertIV Training & Assessment

Naturopathic Consultations:
1hr Initial Consultation $95
Follow up sessions $60
Please note: the cost of Herbal Medicines is not included in consultation prices.

1hr treatment bodywork $105
1.5 hr bodywork $140